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Have you tried Facebook ads at all? Do you know what makes Facebook so great, aside from the fact that it has half a billion accounts, is getting more every day and is the fastest expanding social networks on the internet? Half of them login to Facebook each and every day. So leveraging Facebook’s advertising platform is the way to go today. The main purpose of this article is to illustrate the best way to effectively advertise on Facebook and get as much as you can for your money.

There are many other factors that affect the success of your Facebook ads that don’t concert the ads themselves, such as where you are sending people.

The rate of conversion of will depend on the destination page, even if Facebook ads are highly effective at driving traffic to any type of page. You will see better results from your Facebook advertising if you create a fan page and send traffic there instead of to a page on your site. Are you wondering why? Is Facebook ineffective at generating traffic for sites? It is effective and many have great results but to see fast growth and maximize your results this is the best way. People connect more easily with a Facebook fan page because they are familiar with them. Since people don’t have to do anything else except click the ‘like’ button, you will find that your conversions will soar. You can easily communicate and connect with your fans through Facebook.

It is important to keep your emotions away from the profits that you want to invest in Facebook. Negative feelings, such as greed, can wreck your advertising efforts and really deplete your advertising budget. You have to be very careful about how you’re investing your money and keep a close watch on the return on investment.

There are plenty of new Facebook advertisers who end up losing their campaigns because they just do what their guts tell them to do. It’s easy to get excited when you see a small amount of success and then make a bunch of bad decisions that will end up crippling your efforts. Instead you should focus your attention on your niche audience and make sure that your campaigns are geared toward them so that your click through rates improve. You need to be patient and practical instead of emotional here because it takes time to get the results you want; they don’t happen immediately.

Since a higher CTR means a lower cost per click for that ad, you want to focus on boosting your click through rate. Just like Adwords, even Facebook has the same kind of standards for determining the performance of an ad. Finding the most effective is a matter of testing multiple graphics in your advertisements and seeing which ones generate the highest CTR. You can test ads aimed at different demographics and based on these results you can decide with group to target with your campaign to ensure you get the best revenue.

Facebook visitors can come in waves if you receive high click through rates. So make sure your landing page is on the best web host that’s in your budget. This ensures your site won’t go down easily.

You can clearly see that it is very important, if you want to get a lot out of Facebook, that you need to focus on the important things like the quality of your offer, your copy and your landing page. What matters the most, it turns out, is having the best approach possible as you build all of your campaigns. Like every other advertising and promotional platform, Facebook has a learning curve but that doesn’t mean that it can’t help you find success. Just do something to get started and see where you end up!

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