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Golden Handcuff Technology is awesome.

A technology which gets results for businesses in the form of more cash or more clients is called golden handcuffs due to the fact once a business starts using the technology, they’ll not stop due to the fact it results in loss of profits or customers. With autoresponders as an example, if the business canceled their service they would lose their whole email list of paying clients and prospects.

No local business in their right mind would ever do this, even more in this economy. So what is the cutting edge golden handcuff technology that might make you a ton of money? Mobile marketing, specifically iZigg mobile marketing. This opportunity in referring mobile marketing technology to small businesses is even more massive than the autoresponder deal I just told you about. Why you ask?

To start, there are many millions of small businesses that can massively benefit from text message marketing and should most likely enroll right on the spot. All you have to do is take a walk outside your house and you practically run into a ton of potential text message marketing clients.

When these businesses start using mobile marketing, they’ll keep using it for a LONG time. This means a large residual income for you due to the fact you get a commission from each customer every single month they remain a client.

Next, selling iZigg mobile to small businesses turns out to be super simple to do if you employ the “show the value 1st” approach we show you. They will immediately want to know how you did that and how they could do what you revealed to them in their shop. Next just direct them to your website which we give you that has a video on it which is made to sell the text message marketing service and BAM, the sale is completed. When found out and understood by a local business, mobile marketing almost sells itself.

A couple members of my team have sold text message marketing to many businesses in 1 day. In addition to this craziness, you could also recruit other agents to promote the mobile marketing services. When you do this, you get a commission of everything the mobile marketing promoter you referred sells! Consistently sign up a team of agents over time and your commissions will build up.

Another awesome point in regards to this is the moment a business begins using the service, your job is over. You never need to talk to them again. Our business handles all the billing, support and customer service. All you have to do is get a local business to join.

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