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Though the Internet and search engines are universal by nature, it is necessary for the local businesses to concentrate on the local search engine optimization, because global reach won’t get them the desired results as it would bypass their real customers that are situated locally, such as in ‘London” and would result in complete wastage of resources.

Concentrating on the local audience may appear difficult as Google doesn’t group the sites depending upon their exact location, but with the following tips, you can easily tap your local market.

1. Location should also be included in the body text

You should never miss the inclusion of your exact location within your site content. It won’t help if you have optimized your site content for ‘SEO company’ as it is a generic term without any specific location associated with it, instead “SEO company London’ can do wonders for your business.

2. Include your business in Yahoo Local and Google Places

Both these are great directories as they will list you according to your location.

3. You must use your business location as anchor text

You may face difficulty in building organic backlinks depending upon your location as such localized terms don’t sound too natural. For instance; ‘search engine optimization London’ or ‘SEO company London’ may not be grammatically correct, but they can be effectively used in the blogs with correct anchor text, for driving back traffic to your site.

4. Include your business in Google Places and Yahoo Local

It is great to submit to these two directories, as they can list you based on your specific location.

5. Include your business in Yahoo Local and Google Places

You must submit to both these directories as they will list you depending upon your location.

6. Make your ad-campaigns location based

If you have a business that is spread over several locations, then it is quite helpful to have a separate webpage dedicated to each of them. It helps you in targeting the local market in a best possible way.

7. Your each location should have separate page

If you have a business that is spread across many places, then it is quite helpful to have separate web pages for each location, as they can target the local market in a much easier way.

8. Testimonials and reviews from customers

You can win trust of your target audience by displaying that you deal in quality products and can be trusted. You can do this by publishing their testimonials and reviews on your site and dedicated review sites such as Yelp.

9. Each of your business location should have separate pages

You should regularly check the search volume for each of your keywords. Usually shift is expected in volume over a period of time. For instance, if people are searching for ‘SEO company London’ instead of search engine optimization London’, that means you are being found using the most popular keyword.

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