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We often think about using effective systems in our business and improve on these systems over time. I can say this from experience as I remembered doing some challenging tasks like keyword research and site promotion. Now I enjoy doing these tasks, because I already use effective systems in doing so. Which means you need to discover and use these strategic business systems, implement as is then think of ways on how you can further improve on these systems.

I got really obsessed with systems. There was the whole trading systems, that’s how I first got started. Then it moved into Planet 13 and here’s a store that we ended up franchising and we documented it. It contains a system for how to run a rock ‘n roll clothing music store. From walking in and turning on the lights, to what it is that you say to a customer, to upsell them on product, to just absolutely everything. That’s a system. I started to get a little bit obsessed with it.

Then we also use The SEO Method, to systematize the method that we use for ranking business and company websites using complete business systems too.

Now systems are everywhere. Your entire business is a system and a set of sub systems. So you’ve got the overall system which is business, but then underneath that there are different sub systems as well. You’ve got a system for marketing, you’ve got a system for fulfillment and you’ve got a system for operations as well.

So marketing, how do you go out and find new clients? How do you grow the clients that you’ve got? Fulfillment, how do you deliver the products that you have? How do you improve that? How do you develop these SEO services? Each one of these different areas are different systems.

Take a look at what happened to Blockbuster and Netflix. Blockbuster just recently went bankrupt. I think the reason was they were not updating their system. They had strategic business systems that are flawed and that caused their business to end.

They had stores where you would go to buy DVDs or hire DVDs, so you’d have to drive down to the store, choose the DVD you want, take it home, watch it and when you’re finished, return it. Then someone else came along with a system that beat their system. Why do that when you can hop in the internet, download the video you want and not worry about returning it and then they’ll just deactivate it? That’s a more effective system and it’s just evolved over time with new technologies. So it’s important that you create a culture in your business that continues to evolve the system, otherwise you might go the way of Blockbuster in your own small business internet marketing projects.

So all problems start here. All of my issues, I don’t think it’s the fault of the person I hired. I think it’s my fault that my strategic business systems didn’t have a better way of weeding out B players. So the issue now becomes, it’s the fault of the system, it’s not the fault of the individual.

Home Based Business Is Ideal For Moms

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Being a mom is a serious challenge. The idea of a home based business has been a desire in your mind however you have yet to discover how to handle a business along with young children.

You don’t have to have difficulty trying to figure out precisely how you will certainly handle a home based business and children. Here are 3 easy methods to take full advantage of your home based business by building a relationship together with your children and building your small business.

Personal Time Management Reality

Many of you are currently conscious of the the time aspect. So exactly what do I mean by the time management reality? It’s also feasible to not end up being realistic together with your time by making your kids a justification for precisely why a task in your business wasn’t accomplished or even started out.

The easiest method to time management reality is to report precisely how you spend your time inside a given day. A word of warning this may be tough because it exposes a realistic look at precisely how you might be spending your time. Be willing to deal with the truth and end up being accommodating to help to make the mandatory changes for your schedule.

Build your Home Based Business Along With Your Children

It may be challenging to realize however it really is feasible to locate something, regardless of how small the project, where your kids could possibly get involved with your home business.

An example, whenever my gardening task of raising earthworms turned into a company I involved the kids in counting the worms to help finish the orders. I taught them the worth of rewarding work and accountability as they kept records of the number of earthworms they counting.

When you incorporate children within your internet marketing it may also impress you as to the excellent tips your kids come up with as they learn exactly what your business is about. They may even turn out to be instrumental within growing your small business.

Working Hard and Playing Hard

Reward your kid’s endeavours within your home based business by spending time together. Do not merely spend time throughout the business accomplishments but additionally have a set time of play. This is where time management reality pays off for you.

The old saying goes, “Work hard, play hard” and by taking time outside of business you will even have the ability to take some time together with your first of all priority along with your children, that is being a mom.

Time management reality, construct your home business along with your children, work hard and play hard will develop a memorable relationship along with your children while building your home based business that you could thrive on for many years.