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Web Business Operations Manual

Reviewed by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Let's face it. When it comes to managing an online business, many of us go into "wing-it" mode at least some of the time.

We get caught up in these wheel-spinning exercises where we're spending a ton of energy struggling to put out unexpected fires that come up. Or we're chasing our tail trying to do repetitive tasks that eat up more time than we have in a day. It's not that we don't understand the problems. We don't know how to work smarter to keep the problems from coming back again and again. At least we didn't know, until now.

With his hot-off-the-press Web Business Operations Manual, Marlon Sanders instantly pulls us out of the ditch and gets us on the road to recovery. Those familiar with Marlon's famous money-making strategies for web selling know he never stops looking for ways to help us online marketers find better ways to improve the way we do things. Now, thanks to this cut-to-the-chase operations manual, the day-to-day management of a web business doesn't have to be a dreaded, uphill battle any longer. Here, in one quick and tightly packed e-book, are the just-in-time tools, tips, and resources you need to turn your web business operations into a well-oiled machine.

In addition to the importance of the subject matter, the beauty of this manual is in the presentation. Marlon walks you through a typical day in the life of his customer service person. What could be more effective than an actual, real-world demonstration? You get a guided tour of the operations center of the guy who wrote the book on web marketing! You learn how he deals with the critical schedule activities that take place during the course of his business day. And you discover his secrets the tricks of the trade he's using to automate those activities. Best of all, you can take what information works for your site and customize it. Plug and play!

Virtually every aspect of web business operations is covered in this manual. What has that got to do with making money on the web? Everything. You need to know the quickest and most practical ways to handle the nuts and bolts of running your site and keeping your customers happy. The value proposition here is obvious: If you don't pay attention to the proven advice and best operational practices of an expert, you eventually may not have any customers to worry about.

In guiding you through his daily business operations, Marlon shows you how he does it. He hands you the web resources and tips you need to operate smarter (and not harder). Using a high-impact combination of actual screen captures and step-by-step guidelines, he shows you how to generate and respond to large volumes of e-mail in the most time and keystroke-saving manner possible. You'll find out how to easily set up

a customer service program to smoothly take orders, handle complaints, and process refund requests. You'll uncover the enormous benefits of using autoresponders to communicate with your current and potential customers. Plus, you'll get solid, time-tested advice on how to keep track of site visitors, how to deal with spammers, and the best ways to perform overall web site maintenance.

Once you're armed with this enormous wealth of information to keep you web business humming, you'll be much freer to concentrate on your product (and your profit margins).

--Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.

Web Operations Business Manual
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