Daily Stats by Marlon sanders
Questions and Answers

Marlon, what is the main purpose of your Daily Stats Software?

It's very cool because in an easy-to-input format, you or your staff can enter your key web stats each day and have a number of calculations performed without having to do them manually.

It's a major time saver.

In my business, there are certain stats I wanted to know every day. Like yesterday, how much money did I make for every unique visitor who landed on my web site. How does that figure compare with the last 30 days average?

These are the kind of stats it gives you.

What is the main benefit of your Daily Stats Software?

It's a management tool. You need to know all these stats on a daily basis. The software makes it easy for a virtual worker or employee to enter the data for you. The software does all the important calculations.

Let me be clear. This isn't rocket science. It's basic programming. But it's a real timesaver. It would cost you just as much or more money to try to create it yourself. And you wouldn't have the attractive interface we had designed. Why reinvent the wheel?

What separates your Dialy Stats Software from the other how to products on the market?

I haven't seen anything else like this. That's why I created it. It's something I needed for my own business. It goes way beyond your traffic statistics because it combines those with your sales and spits out crucial figures like conversion percentages, dollars per unique visitor and so forth.

Do you provide free consulting if I buy your product?

No, my consulting fee is $1,000 per hour.

How much do I make on the reseller program?

The cool thing about the product is you can sell it for 50% profit.

Anyway, you not only make 50% on The Daily Stats Software, you make 50% on our upsells, downsells, other products, 404 errors and other things. We do the follow up for you.

We have the most extensive reseller tools in the business.

Daily Stats
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