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Ultimate Beginners Guide by Marlon Sanders - Review

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Question: What would motivate a highly effective (not to mention highly successful) web marketer like Marlon Sanders to produce and deliver a beginner's guide? More to the point--why a beginner's guide to computing?

After all, Marlon's already well known for his complete collection of Amazing Formulas for selling on the web. He's made his reputation from this treasury of tips and guidelines - real-world success strategies for automating your web business and perfecting your Internet sales techniques. Sure, Marlon delivers the elements of his formula in a clear, straightforward, and down-to-earth style. But it's detailed stuff. He assumes a certain level of computer expertise in his audience. Not so with this beginner's guide. It assumes very little prior knowledge of computer know-how at all. So, back to my original question: Why a beginner's guide?

Then it hit me. After navigating through the first few pages of this easy-to-follow e-book, I got it. Marlon doesn't want anybody to miss out on the opportunity to make money with a computer! And he's carefully and logically connected the basic building blocks--the must-have essentials--to help anyone get up and running. Right away! Here, in a richly illustrated, step-by-step series of tutorials, the secrets of getting started are unlocked for "newbies" everywhere. Those who have never even been on the Internet before will find the information valuable.

True to form, Marlon packs a lot of punch in the pages of this book. Each lesson smoothly unfolds in a way that builds steadily on the previous one. Starting with the fundamentals of downloading, storing, and retrieving files, readers are walked through the operational mechanics of computing in a way I haven't seen equalled anywhere else. And there's plenty more. The guide shows users how to apply what they've learned to find, download, and install free tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader and MP3 players for accessing the rich abundance of media on the web.

From there, we're given a thorough tutorial on setting up a messaging system for sending e-mail with file attachments. (Don't worry. Marlon knows this is new ground for his readers, and he takes the time to fully explain, in plain English, the "technical" terms associated with the operational concepts he introduces.) Before long, we're learning how to protect our new-found storehouse of web information by installing anti-virus programs; we're moving folders and organizing our files; and we're taking advantage of time-saving productivity hints like copying, cutting, and pasting information from one location to another.

The momentum just builds and builds. By the time we reach the end of this ultimate guide, we're learning how to maximize our workspace by resizing windows, how to move information from source to destination by performing file transfers, and how to automatically launch the programs we need to run immediately after we boot up our computer! These are the "bread-and-butter" techniques even the most advanced "power users" had to master when they got started.

The refreshing thing about Marlon's approach here is that it's simple, no-frills instruction. Using a vast collection of screen captures, visual pointers, and click-and-learn steps and reminders, his ultimate guide treats readers to a virtually error-proof tour of the power and potential that web-based computing offers for the taking. Beginners now have all the how-to help they need to start reaping the harvest!

Marlons Ultimate Beginner's Guide is the all-important first floor of computer knowledge every computer user must have. Readers will see this product as their foundation to future success on the Internet. In no time at all, they'll be wanting more. And Marlon's amazing formulas will be right there, waiting for them!

--Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D.

Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.

Ultimate Beginners Guide
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