Never Work Again: Work Less, Earn More, and Live Your Freedom

Never Work Again: Work Less, Earn More and Live Your FreedomWelcome to a very different kind of business book.Never Work Again shows you how you can build a successful and profitable business without the long hours and high stress that most entrepreneurs suffer from.Trust me – I’ve been there and it’s not fun. In the months after I started my first business I didn’t know any better. My business was making me ill, but I was too wrapped up in what I was doing to spot the signs let alone to do anything about it. That is until the day I found myself on a London tube train begging a stranger to call me an ambulance and thinking I was going to die. That was my wake-up call. Luckily I got a second chance.That day I realised that life is short and precious and I made a decision that if I pulled through I was going to do things differently. I decided to restructure my business efforts so that I could live life to the full.What I decided to create for myself was:A business that I could b

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